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The Purposeful Mother

I spent last weekend with my family to celebrate my daughter’s college graduation and her achievements. What I loved about this is that it seemed similar to a destination wedding: everyone gathered in one location for the duration of the weekend, and people were not running home after dinner or coming and going to work. My older children and their spouses, along with my parents and my brother, decided to make it a mini vacation. It didn’t hurt that my daughter went to college about three miles from the beach and we were staying in a beachfront condo, all together. It was one of the most glorious experiences of my life: a weekend filled with love, laughter, and great memories.

What strikes me about last weekend is an awareness that I have been a mother for the past thirty-five years of my life – more years in that role than any other role I have had. I work with archetypal psychology and sacred contracts, which in very simplistic terminology means getting to know your purpose. In 1998 I cast my archetypal sacred contract wheel. The sacred contract comprises twelve houses with one archetype in each house, and the houses contain energy supporting your archetype that is blindly cast into the house. (To learn more about the archetypal houses, click here. The 10th house is the house of highest potential, and in mine is the archetype of Mother.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, in 1998 I knew how important being a mother is for me, but I never really understood why it was my highest potential. How do they relate? In a blog I wrote five years ago I included this excerpt on the Mother archetype as described by Caroline Myss in her book Sacred Contracts:

… the life-giver, the source of nurturing and nourishment, unconditional fountain of love, patience, devotion, caring, and unselfish acts. This archetype is the keeper and protector of life, from children to the family to the earth and all of life.

After all these years, knowing that this archetype sits in my 10th house, I now embody this enormous privilege with honor. I have had a profound awareness in the last six months that being a mother is my purpose – it’s why I am here. Mother is truly who I am.

I have been mothering all my life in some way or another. My awareness of this is fairly new. Working with the most amazing and trusting young adults in my workshop “In Pursuit Of Balance” along with admiring my loving and accomplished children, I am overwhelmed with pride, great joy, and love. There is not one other single thing on this planet that I can imagine doing. I am completely fulfilled. I am passionate about my role, and I am deeply grateful for each opportunity I have to nurture and extend love.

After all, I have the best teachers in the world as my children. So on this Mother’s Day, I want to honor all of them for allowing me the space to practice, get it wrong, get it right, and staying the course and growing up with me. You have helped me to become whole and taught me what true love is. I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who love and appreciate unconditionally whether it’s with your animals, the earth, or people. Give yourself an opportunity to have no strings attached today, and open your heart to nurturing and loving, simply for the sake of love.

In love and light,

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