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my lifelong calling


my story

Transformation is a daily process. 


It is a process that involves consciousness and staying awake through an experience where you think you are losing your mind at times. And let's be honest, maybe that's not such a bad thing.


This is the cliff note version of my story that brought me to my life’s work. 


I have lived through great loss and grief. I have caused some grief and I have made mistakes. I have contemplated suicide and despair was once my friend. I have overcome great challenges and I have learned what joy feels like. I have learned what being in an allowing state feels like versus feelings of unworthiness. Great highs and the depths of great lows. 

Every single day I make my mental wellness a conscious choice through mindfulness. 

I learned to love stillness and Divine guidance. 


I stayed curious and open to the possibility of self-healing while I learned to trust myself. 


I let go of what other people wanted for me and thought I needed and I began to participate in making choices that served my highest self.



Peacefully accepting what is, what was, and what will be is a learned habit that transcends suffering and painful experiences. Feeling at peace is the result of my stillness practice. This is what I can help you experience, through learning the inherent tools that are within you.

Yes, I still struggle and question my choices at times but it’s not for long stretches any more. I extend myself the grace of knowing I am human.

What I know to be true is I am a vessel. I would love to help guide you to feeling free. To know and love your true self, to feel joy, to be brave, to show up, and to live the most balanced lifestyle you can. To embody your authenticity.


These things are possible because I am living it. Let me show you how.



my approach

You will learn tools that will help to create new healthy neuropathways 

During Life Strategy Coaching our focus will be on YOUR abilities, not mine. Rather than growing dependent on me you will learn the skills and tools to navigate your mental and emotional health with confidence. I teach tools that address the whole you – psychologically, physically, and spiritually. My approach is intuitive, gentle and transformative. My goal is for you to operate without my assistance whenever possible by creating sustainable lifestyle habits.


I know that shifting your limiting beliefs and perspectives can inspire positive change and growth, which leads to a harmonious life. Your result is a healthier, balanced life that is lived with intention, connection, joy, compassion, peace and resilience.

You will learn to trust your gut

Using the best of neuroscience and behavioral science I have created a powerful, individual, practical, brain-based approach that teaches re-wiring and reframing thoughts to empower you to live with equanimity and confidence. The individuals I work with have extraordinary outcomes.


Our focus will be to strengthen your intuitive muscle by learning to trust yourself and reframe your reactive thoughts. With every experience you have your body holds an energetic connection to it that lives within your cells and brain. Some mental health patterns serve you well and some are detrimental to your wellbeing.


Learning to trust your personal inner strength and skills helps aid in healing post-traumatic stress disorder, adversity, compassion fatigue, and suicidal thoughts. When you become aware of the energy interacting with your body and let it flow with ease, it energizes you. It sets you free.

Rather than merely reacting to what occurs, you start to take a confident role in creating what you want both personally and/or professionally.

I believe everything in your life has value

This work is divine in nature as it helps you differentiate between actions that are ego-driven and those that are motivated by your heart and mind communicating with one another. Over time you move from having an unconscious existence to a conscious experience of life. By letting go and not trying to control an outcome, you begin to recognize the symbolic nature of the events in your life. With less judgment over good/bad or right/wrong. You begin to see how everything in your life has value. You are essential. You are worthy to live a life of peace.

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