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pursuit of balance lifestyle program

Imagine feeling peace in your body + mind + spirit regardless of what’s going on in your life. Imagine you have the skills to shift your limiting beliefs and perspective in order to feel free.


Pursuit of Balance (POB) is the first competency and evidence-based wellness lifestyle program. The 18 lesson comprehensive small group program is delivered over 4-5 months. The length of the program is based on scientific research established to create new habits. The program focuses on the individual’s needs first. The tools address the whole person – psychologically, physically, and spiritually. 


During this program, participants learn to identify eight dimensions that contribute to a Pursuit of Balance Lifestyle:


● Spirituality + Highest Potential

● Joy + Passion + Creativity

● Significant Other + Romance

● Family + Friends

● Environment

● Health

● School + Career

● Abundance + Good Fortune


Next class starting Fall 2020.

Informational Zoom conference call on Thursday, September 24th. Please contact alexandra@kendragoheen.com for details.

Participants gain the skills they need to live a resilient, healthy lifestyle. Using the best of neuroscience and behavioral science we have created a powerful and practical brain-based approach to rewire trauma. Our approach teaches how to reframe thoughts and empowers one to live with resilience and confidence. 

Result: Achieved mental efficacy.

The Pursuit of Balance foundation empowers one to confidently be present in their lives, discover mental health patterns that are detrimental, and to lead with a responding (not hyper-rational, reactionary) nature. The result is living with intention, connection, joy, compassion, peace and resilience.
Result: A life in balance. 

Pursuit of Balance Lifestyle Model

The Strategy for a Balanced Lifestyle

Yoga at Home

what clients are saying

“When I started this program I was in a very dark place and struggling to come out of a depression that had me contemplating suicide or just running away and wanting to escape. While I am still struggling I think the lessons and mechanisms I have learned as well as the support system I have had within the program has helped me to move through some of my issues with more grace and peace than I could have imagined. Being present in the moment and focusing on what is going on in my body has allowed me to really be aware of how I'm feeling and the reasons behind why I might be feeling this way. I will continue to practice all of the POB practices but those are the ones that seem to come the most easily in times of stress and hardship. Coming to realize that I am strong and significant and deserve to live and love in my life the way that I need will continue to help me to grow and realize my full gift to the world.”

~ K. Johnson

POB Graduate 2019




Together we can discuss your needs and how we might work together.

During this conversation we will both get a sense of whether there is a mutual fit,

and there is never any obligation on your part.


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