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The painful, yet rewarding journey that Kendra guided me through has lead me to greater peace, self-acceptance and a more compassionate view of others. Along the way, I discerned my own calling to become a Spiritual Director, and will be completing my three year course of study shortly. 

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 I am gaining confidence knowing that my purpose is much larger than the influences of anything or anyone in this world that may seek to limit me. I am learning how to tap into powers, strengths and talents that have waited for me to recognize and utilize them

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 D. Armstrong 

Thank you a million times over for your wisdom, guidance, and perseverance. It has been a miraculous time, and I know that our work has truly facilitated that. You kept me grounded and connected to spirit when I wanted to wallow in ego.

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 Coaching Client 

Working with Kendra has truly been an alchemical experience for me. Kendra brings knowledge and years of experience to this work…and, even more importantly, she brings incredible energy, presence and the intention to create a sacred space for her clients’ intentions. I believe that is the key ingredient for a truly transformational relationship.

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During one of our first sessions together that Kendra suggested that I shift my focus from the “purpose” of my life to the “value” of my life and it’s difficult to explain in words how deeply that suggestion resonated with me. I was able to recognize and appreciate the value of my life in a way I had never done before. This recognition brought me incredible peace and the encouragement to live more authentically every day…no matter where I am, what I’m doing or with whom I happen to be.

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 Coaching Client 

Kendra is loving, wise and incredibly supportive.  She infuses every session, email and phone call with her incredible light.  Working with her is truly a gift that I give to myself.




Together we can discuss your needs and how we might work together.

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