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Intuitive Reading

Who's it for: Anyone wondering, "What's my life purpose?" or for anyone interested in Life Strategy Coaching this is the first step.

The Gist: An intuitive reading is a date between your conscious self and your spirit/soul.

I will be engaging with your soul’s life plan and purpose. The more open you are (meaning less afraid) the more will be revealed to us through accessing your spiritual guide, deities, angels, and your soul’s journey. 

I request only practical information to assist with revealing patterns that may be keeping you from connecting to the Divine.

It often results in a profound shift in your perception. It allows you to recognize yourself as inherently whole, perfectly suited to experience and learn from the life you are now living. It is also a time that you will be shown patterns that may or may not serve you.

How it works: 

  • Buy an Intuitive Reading

  • Pick a day and time that works for you

  • Experience an Intuitive Reading

  • Receive a Coaching follow up

Intuitve Reading

Life Strategy Coaching

Who's it for: Anyone who has had an Intuitive Reading can purchase Life Strategy Coaching to support you on your journey.

The Gist: You hold the key to create an empowered abundantly happy life. Life Strategy Coaching supports you as you discover tools and gain confidence to move through life with greater ease and clarity of purpose.

How it works: 

  • Schedule a Free Discovery Call (click Learn More)

  • We'll provide payment options for coaching.

  • Coach with Kendra and get results!

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Life Strategy Coaching

Pursuit of Balance™ Lifestyle Program

Who's it for: Anyone looking for a deeper journey into the lifestyle of balance and well-being.

The Gist: Transformative Life Strategy Program that teaches a lifestyle of balance and well-being. When you embody the Pursuit of Balance and Practices you experience a body + mind + spirit that is peaceful and present.

How it works: 

  • Visit

  • Apply for the next Pursuit of Balance™ program

  • Join your class and experience deep and lasting change.

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Pursuit of Balance
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