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Happy Mother’s Day…in April

Although it may seem more fitting to chat about mothers in May, I have been inspired in the moment to contemplate a mother’s day based on recent events in my children’s lives, as well as the upcoming marriage of my son on April 13th.

The Mother archetype, as described by Caroline Myss in her book SacredContracts, is “… the life-giver, the source of nurturing and nourishment, unconditional fountain of love, patience, devotion, caring, and unselfish acts. This archetype is the keeper and protector of life, from children to the family to the earth and all of life.” (p. 401)

We each have this archetype as part of our own psyche – male or female by the way – and with it comes bragging rights when we are proud of someone in our lives. As hard as it may be to believe, I do have the Mother archetype. I have been very intimate with her for 30 years.

As I was driving today reflecting on my children and their successes and accomplishments, I noticed I get incredibly excited for them and wonder if I vicariously live through them at times. My answer to that is YES, I DO! I do so selfishly because of the way it moves me when I witness their possibilities, their determination to see things through, their courage, and their dreams come true. It is the feeling of joy, elation, excitement, anticipation, and love – all feelings of incredibly high vibration that lift our spirits.

Those feelings are Divine Light, and it enlivens our heart center. It happens when we stop to witness another’s life and become present to her moment, to his journey. When we really see someone for who she is, witness him with an open heart and through eyes of love, we allow ourselves to enter into a space of Divine Light and unconditional love where magic happens.

So this spring, as we enter one of the busiest times for proud moments – weddings, graduations, award ceremonies, just to name a few – stop and be present to the moment. Witness and feel your Mother archetype invigorate your heart. Experience the magic of Divine Light.

In my case, those moments will be witnessed through the eyes of one very proud Mama filled with radiant love for five children, who consistently bring sunshine to my world and enliven my heart.

Happy Spring all!

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