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The Beginning, Middle, & End- Where Are You?

I want to begin this blog by saying – bare with me, this one may feel heavier than my other blogs but for good reason, so I do hope you find interest in the space I was in when writing this last week! Happy fall!

A typical drama is divided into five parts according to the German playwrite and novelist Gustav Freytag. The five parts of Freytag’s dramatic structure, also known as Freytag’s pyramid, are:

  • Exposition – introduces important background information about the setting, events occurring before the main plot, characters’ background stories, etc.…

  • Rising action – a series of events build toward the point of greatest interest. These events are generally the most important parts of the story since the plot depends on the setup ultimately bringing satisfactory resolution.

  • Climax – the turning point, which changes the protagonist’s fate. This is where the protagonist is required to draw on hidden inner strengths or reveal hidden weaknesses.

  • Falling action – the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist unravels with the protagonist winning or losing against the antagonist. It may contain moments of doubt and suspense in which the outcome of the conflict is revealed.

  • Resolution – comprises events from the end of the falling action to the actual ending scene of the drama. Conflicts are resolved creating normality for the characters. In Shakespeare’s tragedies, the resolution is usually the death of one or more characters.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle put forth the idea “A whole is what has the beginning and middle and end.” Our lives have a beginning and middle and an end as well as all of the acts in between. Our lives are like Freytag’s pyramid. This is our story.

  • Exposition – Our conversations with God (Source) prior to being born.

  • Rising Action – Life’s events with people, places, and experiences that engage the contrast of ego and heart.

  • Climax – An event in one’s life that could be considered an apex – a notable point in time. Heart is invited to open.

  • Falling action – a dark night of the soul experience. Life seems to be unraveling, but rebirth is possible. The dissipation of ego occurs, and a clear choice to live with heart fully engaged and trusting in the unseen unfolds.

  • Resolution – Death. And herein completes the full circle as we die and are born again.

I have a fascination with life. A curiosity about what we choose to do with this precious time has led me to study in-depth theories and models about life. As a result, I have created a process that helps guide people through the beginning, middle, and end of their lives. They find courage to embark on a spiritual journey. This journey invites them to make changes that can significantly redirect the course of their lives. Or their path simply may be to embrace what is and learn to love themselves and their worthy story.

Archetypes and your sacred contract allow you to see more clearly all of the acts in your life, thus giving you a deeper understanding and acceptance of your authentic self. You can’t get more real than this. You become empowered and free to experience with joy the rising action, climax, and final act of your story.

We do have the capacity to create a phenomenal story with a great ending. Fairy tales do exist within our own beautiful story.

With love and blessings,

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