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Being Your Best Self = Your Child’s Best Self

Our children hold the energy of the household inside their tiny bodies. They may not be able to verbalize how they are feeling all the time, but you will notice how they are feeling very often through their behavior. 

When we feel tired and exhausted and keep going, as parents often do with boots on the ground from sun up to sun down, it will show up sideways. Sometimes it can present as displaced aggression towards those we love. 

Living in our bodies and being self-aware and honest, as well as extending grace to ourselves in times when we need to indulge in self-care, is the best kind of parenting. Listening to your body and mind, and trusting that your cues are skills that can be honed by simply practicing. Taking time alone in a quiet space, watching a favorite show, having a lovely bath filled with lavender bath salts, going for a walk on a favorite trail, or taking a well needed nap are all ways that can help lead you back to your best self. And, indulge with no guilt! 

Your child will sense a more calm, loving space and parent. It's a win-win for all!

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