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What Is Enough

It's summertime and school is out! This means two things typically for children, freedom and the lack thereof! I am a parent to three grown adult children and three grandchildren under the age of eight. I share this information because summertime was/is always my favorite time to spend with my children. We had the freedom to explore, have fun dates and…do not a thing. I am amazed at the over-scheduling that is done during the school year for our children but summertime seems to take that up a notch.

Children need time to be children. To be creative, to play, to pretend, to be curious and explore and also, to learn to be peaceful with nothing scheduled. This restful period and environment helps to slow down the nervous system that helps them adapt to changes.

Neuroscience shows us that the environment matters. Stable, calm environments foster socioemotional skills and executive function (source here); disruptive environments can impede their development and inhibit their ability to learn how to calm their body and mind down. Therefore, stillness can become a foreign target later on for them.

When we support daily restful periods as part of their way of being they become rigid little bodies, emotionally and physically. And guess what? So do we! So this summer, if you have them signed up for activities and camps to keep them busy…maybe consider canceling one or two and hold your own restful mind - restful body camp!

I support parents/caregivers and children through teaching simple life skills. I am available for one-hour lessons for children, please contact for further information.

All my love,


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