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3 Ways To Activate Your Loving Heart Through Self-Love

In light of this beautiful month of all-around energy, I am placing emphasis in my spiritual direction and coaching on self-love, which I refer frequently to as heart-centered living.

There is no better time than now to secure your relationship with a loving force that’s realer than real. There’s no downside to such an alliance. It will give you the edge to touch the ecstasy of your heart. Self-love.

Combating negativity and embracing your spiritual self – your highest self – will give you freedom from the vicious rants about yourself and guide you into compassion. Hate fests and self-loathing can gather steam; placing attention on your heart averts them quickly. But as my spiritual teacher, who’s a realist, says, “Progress occurs when we beat ourselves up a little less every day.” So, with that subtle but quite respectful goal, let’s look at some ways we can apply a few things that are self-nurturing. The key to opening the heart – what Daoists call the “little sun” – is to use your intuition. Your analyzing mind won’t work; it engages the ego. So, we want to make contact intuitively with the heart’s nuances through the body. These 3 tips can be sanity savers to utilize whenever you’re upset, tired, or when you start mentally sabotaging yourself. Activating your heart turns the tables on negative feelings.

1. Place your left hand over your heart and gently pat your heart, letting your heart know that you feel its loving presence. A good time to do this is when you are spinning circles in your mind and feeling worry, stress, panic, or anxiety. Repeat, “I love you,” until you feel calm and connected

2. Carry a rose quartz structure (small stone, bracelet, necklace etc.) on you. Place it where you can touch it when you need a quick reminder to love yourself – NO MATTER WHAT.

3. Sit quietly and do a centering prayer, chant, or meditate with the words, “I AM WORTHY.”

Compassion is the great transformer of the self and the world. No matter how things seem, your compassion does not fall on deaf ears. Remember: Jesus talked about love and the people listened. Whenever you feel lost, return to your heart. It’s your doorway to your true self and freedom.

Be sure to watch your inbox on Valentine’s Day as I have a special treat for you!

Peace and All my love,

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