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You Do Have The Freedom To Choose

“I choose”. One day in May those two words created a profound paradigm shift for me. It altered my state of consciousness around two things: money and joy.

Typically speaking those two words combined in a sentence are only heard if someone just won the lottery. As ironic as this may sound, this absolute truth is to be told – we have a birthright to embody beautiful incredible wild abundance.

God has blessed each one of us with an opportunity at any given moment to step into a wealth of great financial means and joy, two things within the experience of Abundance.

Abundance is a frequency. The same frequency as God. We have freedom to choose a perspective that aligns our frequency to see the glass half empty or half full. A feeling of an unspoken peace and a grace that comes from within when we make a choice that serves our highest self. Our most worthy self.

What I discovered in my own experiment with my relationship with money and joy is that I organized my life quite regularly from fear. Although seemingly quite paradoxical, money and joy, it held the same frequency for me because of the perspective I had about each of them. The “what if”, “I don’t know if I should”, “I cant”, “it doesn’t make sense to”, “and what will they think”. All the chatter that can drive you crazy is a matter of choice. MY choice. YOUR choice.

What is paradoxical is that our deepest desire is to experience abundance but you cannot experience abundance if you refuse to align with it. Start by listening to the whispers within your heart that call you to do outrageous things that bring you joy! God is speaking your language!

In Love and Light,

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