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The Ancient Native American Ritual Called Smudging

This time of year as the summer foliage is dying and drying out and Mother Earth is calling us all to go within, I am reminded of the beautiful White Mountain sage I use each day. There is an ancient Native American ritual that was taught to me many years ago by one of my teachers who is a Shaman. It is called smudging.

Each morning before the sun rises I stand before my home alter and start my day with this beautiful ritual. It has become deeply rooted in my soul, the ritual itself and the words spoken out loud, call to me – they call to me to give gratitude to the four directions; the East-North-West-South, to the Universe, and to all living beings.It is also a way for me to prepare my space to begin my meditation. I am ready to begin with a peaceful heart, clear mind, and clean energetic space. I am inviting and welcoming all that the Universe would like to provide me with for the day. I begin anew.

It is not only the words and intention of a prayer like this but also the beautiful smell of the White Mountain sage. It is a broad leaf sage that is valued for its robust aromatic property.

Sage is used in smudging, cleansing, ceremonies, rituals, purification, and meditation.If you are curious about this particular sacred ritual or are being called to start a daily ritual, I invite you to download the prayer of smudging. If you have any questions about this one or just ritual and prayer in general, please feel free to comment below.May the blessings be!


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