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Stay Your Course

The first quarter of the year I use as a grace period to course correct or redirect my focus on what I would like to manifest this year. There is a delicate balance of checking in as well as being mindful not to stress over thoughts of the future. I approach it with a grain of salt and welcome even the most subtle shift. I begin with…

What theme do I want to have?

Themes serve as the backdrop of our lives, setting the tone for our experiences and actions. Consider the overarching yearly theme that will weave through your days and months. Is it a year of growth, resilience, connection, or self-discovery? You may have to adjust your weekly/monthly intentions to stay aligned with your theme. Choose a theme that aligns with your core values and resonates deeply within your soul. 

What won't I compromise?

As we embark on new chapters, it's crucial to define our non-negotiables. What values and principles are sacred to you? These are the pillars that uphold your authenticity. By acknowledging what you won't compromise, you empower yourself to navigate challenges while staying true to your core beliefs and values.

What did I let go of last year?

Reflection isn't just about looking forward; it's also about acknowledging the baggage we've shed along the way. What did you release in the past year? It could be self-doubt, toxic relationships, or limiting beliefs. Recognize the strength in letting go and use a recommitment of what you let go of to fuel your journey ahead.

All my love,

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