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Beyond Sight: A Year of Transformation

2023 is coming to a fast close. For me personally, it came in as a roaring lion and is leaving as a purring kitten. In early February, I experienced shingles in my eye socket that rendered me unable to fully care for myself, which led to me living with and being cared for by my daughter for a month. I lost sight in the eye that had shingles, so it was a wild and challenging time until I gained sight back in June.

Fast forward to December's reflection. This year has been filled with many changes due to that experience that leaves a feeling of gratitude in my heart like I have never felt before. Just as I teach and coach clients, embodiment is the first of two steps of habit forming. It is beyond the intellect, it is a state of BE-ing. The second step is devoted practice.

I will never forget those who walked very closely with me during this time. Although I could not see, I felt every prayer and listened to every text, email, and card that was read to me. The doctors who cared for me holistically and medically were angels incarnate. My family and friends, blessings abound... for all of you, thank you.

The Solstice is on December 21st, it is the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. A great time to reflect on the gifts that this year has brought for you. A time to let go, a time to rejoice, a time to recommit to what is important to you. It is also a wonderful time to embody a practice of BE-ing grateful.

With love,

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