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Over & Over in Patterns We Go

Since 1997 I have had the privilege to formally study the work of the renowned Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. It is my passion for the collective unconscious that keeps me interested and intrigued by Jungian theory. What drives us to repeat similar experiences or behaviors over and over again in our lives? Archetypes, instincts and patterns have been my joy to study.

While I was being certified as an archetypal consultant with Caroline Myss, I found a safe and intimate process to examine the patterns in my own life that were not conscious to me. I learned firsthand that archetypal patterns know no logic or order until we bring them to our conscious state. And then it can be chaotic until we embody the realization that we are not here to live the life our ego would like us to live. This was a time of profound awakening for me and changed the course of my life. It was time of deep reflection and surrender to the unknown. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be supported through this process by a beautiful and brilliantly talented spiritual director and an incredible master teacher to help me connect the dots in my life.

You also have an opportunity to discover what a Sacred Contract is – what your Sacred Contract is and what the 12 embodied patterns you agreed to experience in your lifetime are. We personalize within our individual psyche these 12 intimate companions that provide the foundation for our personality, drives, feelings, actions and beliefs.

I invite you to click here to learn more and consider that now may be the time in your life where you discover that it is ALL about you. You are worthy of living the life you dreamed!

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