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Is Your Wounding Preventing You From Being Happy?

At some point in our lives we all experience a wounding of some sort. A wounding is anything that causes our lives to be impacted in a way that takes us out of our comfort zone. The degree of trauma is very individual and personal, and it creates a cellular change within us.

The challenge with these experiences is that we may or may not be conscious of the impact at the time. When we were children and experienced an event that changed the course of our life, we may not have noticed its severity at the time. Where we see it show up, more often than not, is later in life in our inability to experience lasting fulfillment and happiness.

When we are wounded and have not cared for the wound, the latent effects become most apparent when something is amiss in our life. We may feel the twinge when we are triggered by a similar event, and the wound is re-opened. It all comes rushing back at us like an out-of-control avalanche. Before we know it, we are trying to grab at anything that will dull the pain.

The most unfortunate thing is that we become masters at dulling our senses in the moment of the trigger. And as a result, the feelings of unhappiness will resurface time and time again until we do what is necessary to address the wound and learn to manage the trigger moment from a clear and healthy perspective. We may not even know what the wound is because we have kept it buried for so long. But our body remembers.

I have witnessed nothing short of miracles with clients who follow a 5-step process to discover what the wound is. When they stay the course of healing the wound, by using various healing modalities they feel most aligned to work with, they begin to maintain a sense of happiness.

The 5-Step Shuffle

  1. What is the discomfort you are experiencing? Name it.

  2. Is it measurable through a feeling some place in your body? Describe where.

  3. Go to; click on chakra; pick a colored circle on the body diagram; read the triggers/energetic connection.

  4. Do any of the triggers resonate with you? Define how far back you can track this feeling in your life.

  5. Are you willing to get real and take action now? Name 1 step forward you can explore. If needed, enlist support to help you.

If you have completed the 5 steps, CONGRATULATIONS! You have accomplished the first steps in healing a wound that no longer can exist within you, empowering you to experience lasting and sustainable happiness. The key is to not give up because it’s not always instantaneous!

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions regarding these steps at

With love,

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