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Has the Money Tree Made You Rich?

Never did for me either! That’s why in 1998 when I discovered what my purpose is through the teachings of my Sacred Contract I became inspired and invigorated to share this incredible tool with you.

What I know to be true for me is that I am here to help individuals identify their true calling and fulfill their purpose quickly and with less struggle. So there’s nothing more rewarding than watching my clients move into their ideal career, accomplish a goal that previously seemed impossible, and experience more peace and fulfillment than they thought possible.

Here’s what one client recently said about her experience …

“Jung introduced me to a rich vision of archetypes, but I was confused about how they have shaped my life and I didn’t always ‘like’ what I found. With Kendra as my guide I have been able to uncover and embrace both my positive and shadow side in my sacred contract, discovering what has often driven choices and uncovering a profound sense of who I am and the gifts I have been given to accomplish my dreams. It has been an amazing, freeing experience that has helped change my life and career.” – Pat B.

Find out more about having your own Day With Your Destiny – an immersion with your Sacred Contract. Head here for even more details about A Day With Your Destiny.

In love and light,

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