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Define Your Personal Life Theme

Happy New Beginnings!

Our personal individual foundation for spirit, mind and health seems to change incrementally until we no longer know who we are. In order to become more in tune with who you authentically are here is how I guide clients at this time of the year.

To help stabilize your personal foundation for 2015 here are 5 key steps to consider.

  • 1st step; Create YOUR LIFE”S THEME for 2015, write it down

  • 2nd step; Write down 1-3 INTENTIONS to support your theme.

  • 3rd step; Review your THEME, review your INTENTIONS, ask yourself “Does this align authentically with my highest self?” If yes, then speak them to another. If no, ask yourself, “Why not?” It's okay, start again.

  • 4th step; Commit to a plan to help your THEME successfully come alive

  • 5th step; Commit to getting the support you need to have a successful plan. Take action.

Put yourself first to create the most authentic foundation you have ever experienced for yourself Spirit – Mind – Health. Make decisions that align to live a fulfilling and joy filled year!

Peace and with love,

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