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Celebrations & Jubilations for Love

I am sitting on a plane en route to be with my parents to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. To say it’s an honor and privilege is an understatement really.

It’s funny how when you’re younger, you look at your parents as one unit – life is unimaginable one without the other. As time passes, I see them individually – how very similar and how very different they are from one another. I have come to admire them even more with that clarity.

My family has a long history of marriages over forty years, and in a culture where people question whether it’s possible or not, I can assure you it is. When I reflect upon these beautiful relationships, there are many qualities they share. They foster individuality and encourage space and time to find their joy separately as well as together. They don’t expect perfection, and they believe that vulnerability is essential in any successful relationship. Change and uncertainty is met with grace. Life ebbs and flows, and so does a solid relationship built on respect and authenticity. My parents value tradition and family. And while building the foundation of our family, they’ve weathered the storms and celebrated the blue skies.

My parents and grandparents, who have gone well beyond the forty-year mark, have witnessed the best and the worst in one another. They have journeyed the best and the worst of times – through sickness and health, through joy and sadness. Through it all, they have filled for us a container with shared memories and stories and a legacy of commitment that will pass from one generation to another. Their example has shown us that life is not perfect and life is not about things. Life is about love; life is about connection; and life is meant to be an awe-inspiring experience to be shared.

Congratulations Mom and Dad! You are two wild and crazy kids, and I love you! And congratulations to all those who aspire to have relationships of equal nature.

Much love to you,

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