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Castles In The Sand

There is a cellular recalibration that occurs when we allow ourselves an opportunity to get away from it all, to unplug from the world – really and truly unplug from all sources that keep our brain engaged with a rolling “to do” list and to experience a real-time vacation.

Vacation: 1. Freedom from any activity; rest; respite; intermission; 2. A period of rest and freedom from work, study, etc; time of recreation, usually a specific interval in a year (Webster’s New World College Dictionary).

Now close your eyes after just reading the definition, and what word(s) pop out for you? Those words are what calls to your spirit. Note to self.

‘Respite’ stood out for me, “…an interval of temporary relief or rest, as from pain, work, duty, etc.… “(Webster’s New World College Dictionary), and the word ‘Freedom.’ When I asked a couple of people to do this, they said “Freedom” as well.

We live in a culture where freedom is what our lives have been organized around since birth, and yet few of us make it a priority to experience freedom without drive attached to it. If we do go on ‘vacation,’ as we call it, we still check emails and texts, or have attached to us all but a homing device for tracking purposes. What is the point then of saying we are going on vacation? The point is that we are so afraid we are going to miss something – the very something that drives our adrenals to exhaustion if we don’t make time for “…a period of rest and freedom from work, study, etc. time of recreation.”

It is an essential part of our well-being that we give to ourselves what no one else can: time to recalibrate to wholeness, where we see and think more clearly and breathe easily feeling revitalized and ready to show up again and be present with all that is.

I hope you have time marked off that will bring a vacation experience to the forefront of your summer.

Cheers to the sunshine of laughter, good times, making memories, and making time to build castles in the sand!

Peace and with love,

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