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An Extraordinary Life

A life devoted to a spiritual path is one filled with mysticism.

Since time began, people of all religions living throughout the world have had mystical experiences and have recorded them.

Mystics are our great spiritual teachers. They include Teresa of Avila, Francis of Assisi, St. John the Evangelist, Thomas Merton and Mother Teresa in modern times, and, yes indeed, Jesus. They drew strength from a devotion to prayer, contemplation or meditation, and self-reflection. As all great spiritual teachers do, they knew that God expected a great deal of them. Therefore, reviewing the day and reflecting upon the well-being and harmony of their souls were necessary.

For all their differences, the commonality between these mystics is a shared devotion to prayer and an unyielding faith in their mystical relationships with God.

“No one has known God who has not known himself,” said the religious scholar Meister Eckhardt.

And so it is through our devotion to a spiritual practice and direct mystical experience, which is not attained through an intellectual discourse (the way of ego), that we become illuminated with a fullness of grace.

In love and light,

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