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The Rhythm of Life As We Know It

I have been seeing an abundance and variety of woodpeckers: the Downy, the Red Headed, and the Pileated. Although from the same family, each woodpecker has a different rhythm it plays as it drums away on your tree.

Instruments, such as drums, flutes, and rattles, are beautiful ways to drop into a frequency that is connected to the vibration of Mother Earth. Nature’s instruments, such as woodpeckers, share the same rich, earthy undertones as the drum, flute, and rattle. Drumming assimilates the beating of your heart and is a way for you to connect to your own natural frequency, your divine nature.

Each instrument when played creates a vibration and touches a specific frequency within us. This is why we are drawn to the graceful music of a strumming harp at one point in time and the dramatic, deep sounding beat of a drum at another time.

Drumming and rattling has long been a part of my healing rituals with clients, but it is no wonder that currently I want to drum and rattle each day on my deck under my birdfeeders. They both signify my feeling of a deep connection to the natural rhythm of our divine Mother Earth, signaling grounding and change and the coming of extended empowerment.

Celebrate your personal connection to the season of rebirth – spring, a time of celebration and renewal.

Peace and with love,

P.S. Instruments have a way, like crystals and other tools, of finding us on their own, but if you cannot wait for your instrument or crystal to find you, click here for an excellent resource.

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