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Pursuit of Balance Interview

We are excited to introduce Pursuit of Balance! To do so, we will interview Kendra Goheen, the founder of Pursuit of Balance. Kendra has carved a path of inspiration and success with the Pursuit of Balance program. Read below to learn about her journey, her sources of inspiration, and the culmination of POB. 

When/Where/How did you get the idea for Pursuit of Balance?

The idea of a structured coaching program was brewing for years before the actual writing began in 2013. Experiencing the success individuals have from incorporating coaching tools with  combined modalities that balance mental and emotional well-being became the catalyst for a defined program. In 2014, an invitation was presented allowing me to trial what I was writing with University of North Carolina- Wilmington students off campus. It was a defining moment for all of us.

What is Pursuit of Balance?

It is a formal coaching program designed to support individuals on their self-discovery journey. The program equips participants with tools to manage stress, emotional patterns, and mental blocks that hinder them from living a fulfilling life. It has been formatted for ages 3 years and older. 

What does the name mean to you?

We are always pursuing how to BE and FEEL our best. In the process of daily evaluation we are seeking balance. It is a never ending pursuit.

What do you hope Pursuit of Balance brings to people?

A sense of who they truly are and a feeling of peacefulness when they feel confident with that.

Why do you do this work?

I am in awe of witnessing people's transformative process and their courage to stay true to themselves. It is not an easy path, but it's the most rewarding one there is.

What offerings does Pursuit of Balance have?

-Adult Programs (taught in small groups or individually)

    -Foundation Program - 8 lessons

    -Immersion Program - 18 lessons

    -Maintaining Balance - Ongoing monthly group sessions

-Children Programs (taught in small groups or individually)

    -Foundation Program - 13+ lessons

    -Immersion - 50+ lessons

-Various workshops, classes, events, camps and retreats! 

How can people get involved with Pursuit of Balance?

Email us at and we would be happy to connect with you to find which option best serves your needs and interests!

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