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“Oh, Bless Your Heart” This Valentine’s Day

To experience true love is to discover ourselves at our authentic center and love what we find.

We move through our lives holding within our hearts a laundry list of items that do not serve us. They create weight and discomfort, dis-ease and anxiety, and a multitude of other things that wreak havoc on our peace within.

Valentine’s Day is a day we celebrate love, and the depiction of love is the heart. So I wanted to share a mindful meditation I practice every time I feel tension around my heart or discomfort with a situation that I cannot seem to let go of easily. I have created a downloadable audio for you.

At the beginning of the audio, I give a few instructions. I invite you to write down some key words that you can refer to and continue the practice on your own for another 4 minutes after the guided instructions while listening to the beautiful, relaxing music.

Give yourself tender, loving attention this Valentine’s Day and allow me to give you this gift of Mindfulness Mediation Of Letting Go. Experience the most authentic, divine love you will ever know – self-love.

“Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Peace and With Love,

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