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Humpty Dumpty – Thin Places – Spiritual Direction, A Sacred Trilogy

For the past two years I have been deeply immersed in a formal spiritual direction program. I diligently made the passage back and forth from Minnesota to North Carolina – to a place within the mountains that is a sacred, holy, thin place. Here, you are stirred without immediate notice until you return safely back home to let things percolate.

Last Sunday night I celebrated my graduation along with 19 fellow blessed souls who became my brothers and sisters. I never really thought about what it would feel like to complete such a rich experience. When my mentor asked how I was feeling, I sat for a minute and replied, “Full…I feel whole.” It was an inner journey to find home for me personally and to discover meaningful tools that I can offer cherished clients in their spiritual journey.

If you have never before thought about or followed through with spiritual development or guidance, I encourage you to consider what could be the greatest gift you ever give yourself. I had no idea the impact these past two years would have in my life. It truly surprised me. As you may recall, I had the very same reaction with the 3-day cleanse I did recently – no idea why I was doing it, but I felt it was something I just had to experience. In the end, it had a profound impact on me.

Staying the course and listening to the gentle whisper within my heart, I stuck with what was uncomfortable at times. I often doubted I could complete the work I needed to and begrudged the travel at inconvenient times. But people were there who helped put my fragmented self back together again after a brutal divorce. Even in the weariness, I was guided to the holy space within and started scattering seeds for the hope of extraordinary possibilities for a better today.

The container that we all need to feel safe to do our most intimate work is one that a spiritual director can hold for us. The incredible, brilliant wise ones that I met never ceased to be patient, kind, authentic, supportive, and loving teachers and guides. They helped to put Humpty back together again with a gentle, loving God at the helm.

This is what spiritual guidance and direction is – a loving, embraceable place to show up to be witnessed, heard, and guided gently home to wholeness. There’s no rush and no time frame. It’s all at your pace and God’s will. We sit and wait together for illumination and acceptance of what is.

Peace and with love and deep gratitude,

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