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Be Your Own Valentine

We all have a fracture point. A point that activates a depth of pain that is a familiar feeling. It can be connected to something that occurred long ago or more recent. Healing those fracture points doesn’t mean they ever go away, often times they do but many times they don’t. There are variables in life and we can’t always go “by the book” when we are healing. Life is messy and so is grief and healing our hearts.

Healing is self-managing our reaction to something that throws us off our center. Some event or person that throws us into the shadow of our behavior. If we want to transcend these experiences and learn to self-manage them with grace, we must practice self-love. Forgiveness of ourselves. Acceptance of being human. I like to believe we act from the best of intentions with what tools we have been taught or what was modeled for us. And as we learn new ways of knowing better, we do better. That’s a disciplined practice.

This Valentine’s Day try being your own Valentine. Celebrate your capacity to embody and BE love. To peacefully accept the things you cannot change, to shine your light, to extend the same comforting words to your inner child you would to any child, and to breathe life into dormant dreams you’ve long ago swept under the rug. All of this…because you were created and born worthy.

Happiest of Valentine’s Day!


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