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Breakthrough or Breakdown: 3 steps to Determine Which One You are Having

The whispers of transformation speak softly, at first, to our heart. We sense “something” is changing but cannot put our finger on it. Unlike the changing seasons when we can see what is happening, we cannot always see our own personal transformation. We cannot articulate it, but we can feel it.

Carl Jung refers to a transformational period in one’s life as the process of individuation. It cleanses us of all that no longer serves our highest self and integrates what is left within us to wholeness. We are called to become conscious. Midlife crises are a vivid picture of this dynamic.

Sure we can play it safe and refuse the call, ignoring all the symptoms. But the longing, that feeling, the symptoms will become stronger until we have no other choice than to pay attention. Whether it’s an illness, loss of another, or overall agitation with life as it is, we will receive a wake-up call to become self-aware.

If we are to progress any further in life, we must all walk through this door to journey into wholeness.

“WHOLENESS is possible only via the coexistence of opposites. In order to know the light, we must EXPERIENCE the dark.” – Carl Jung


  1. Meditation, of any sort, helps to create new neuro pathways in the brain to ease and calm fear of the unknown.

  2. Learning about and doing shadow work is some of the most spiritually empowering and healing work we can do.

  3. Seek guidance from a professional that focuses on this type of work and does his or her own work.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you through the years by reading my passionate works of soul writing. May you and yours be blessed fully this Thanksgiving Season!

Peace and with love,

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