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Remember Up In Smoke?

November 9th, 2016 | Posted in November 2016

Smudging is a wonderful ritual and powerful way of giving gratitude for all that is above us and below us. I have been asked many times for the prayers I use for smudging and the directions for the actual ritual itself. If you have never participated in this ritual, this month of Thanksgiving is a […]

A Guided Walking Meditation Practice

June 25th, 2015 | Posted in June 2015

Walking meditation is a contemplative practice where close attention is paid to the action of walking. It is not thinking or contemplating while walking (which is also delightful), but being mindful of the muscles of the body, the placement of the feet, balance, and motion. Walking meditation has a long tradition in Buddhism and can […]

Daily Meditation Does Your DNA Good

October 2nd, 2014 | Posted in October 2014

I recently read an article on how a few minutes of daily meditating does your DNA good. This is very interesting to me because I have autoimmune diseases throughout my family, and if you dig deep into autoimmune, you may have a strain of it as well in your family. The NIH (National Institutes of […]

A sweet look at hatchling turtles emerging from their nest

September 5th, 2014 | Posted in September 2014

Turtle is the oldest symbol for planet Earth. I invite you to enjoy this short clip of what I witnessed last weekend. 41 of these tiny beings emerged from their eggs, digging out of their nest to seek the light above ground. Turtle is a fine teacher of the art of grounding. I use turtle symbology […]


December 6th, 2012 | Posted in December 2012

My voice sounds like a man, my body aches and I struggle with making a call to the MD.  At first glance it’s easy to say I have a cold or bronchitis, but I know better.  I don’t get sick. I am in the middle of a transformative process and although I am a Master […]

Invoking Grace Through Prayer

November 28th, 2012 | Posted in November 2012

If you have ever run a marathon, then you know that the training involved, at least for your first one, can be long and arduous.  If not, pick anything that involved focus, dedication, and intention to reach your goal. The close of 2012 and the energy that we are in the midst of, offers great […]

The Ancient Native American Ritual Called Smudging

October 23rd, 2012 | Posted in October 2012

This time of year as the summer foliage is dying and drying out and Mother Earth is calling us all to go within, I am reminded of the beautiful White Mountain sage I use each day.There is an ancient Native American ritual that was taught to me many years ago by one of my teachers […]