From The West To The South And West Again

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Every desire for good and happiness is for each person a very great and insidious Love. (…) Love is the desire to possess what is good forever.  – Plato, Symposium, XXIV

Nearing the end of my tremendously inspiring trip with my family in Chile, I was feeling sadness and anxiousness: sadness for the obvious – leaving people I love -and then anxiousness because of not knowing when the next time will be when I see them. As you recall in my last blog, Hola From The Beautiful Abyss , one of my newly discovered patterns is that I was having a hard time receiving. The anxiousness part of leaving people I care about and love is also a pattern, but one that I have always been very aware of. Through the years I have worked to get to a place of rendering great respect for the feeling. And understanding where it comes from and not fighting it but honoring it and then letting it gently ease through my body gives me peace.

Many times we have uncomfortable feelings come up over and over again and we fight them by ignoring them instead of figuring out why we have them to begin with. Or maybe learn a skill that we can practice during the uncomfortable feeling, that lets us make peace with it and stop feeling the intensity of it all together.

Fully mature salmon swim upstream and return to where they were born to spawn. Otherwise, they live in the ocean to live and grow. By nature as humans we tend to swim upstream and fight the current many times over and over in our lives. We rarely give much thought to whether our struggle is a pattern or a fleeting time in our lives. Either way, we need to peacefully accept what is and continue with a pattern, old or new, that brings us joy.

The time in Chile with beautiful people, who love deeply and revere family and the simplicity of nothing other than the company of one another, left me longing for more of this pattern. And yet I was able to celebrate moments of allowing and receiving – a most auspicious gift. It is not an experience that can be written about slightly. I will continue to let it unfold as I reflect on the many ideas and creative inspirations that flowed.

From the constant beautiful energy of the island of Rapa Nui to the peaceful solitude and innocence of Patagonia, the land flooded my heart with extraordinary possibilities of what will be and what is in the air now. This is the powerful healing nature of stillness and I hope you also find ways to carve out reflection time to fill your heart.

And for all of this I say… I will see you soon.

Lots of love, joy and peace to you,


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