New Year New Me? Nope It’s All Good Just A Little Tweaking Is All

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Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.51.04 AMHappy 2018 my dear sweet friends!

To be quite frank I was not sure what to write for you at the end of last year, it seemed more so than ever I myself was being bombarded by emails and social media telling me to get ready for a new year. “What are you planning for and what are your intentions and goals?” It can seem overwhelming and I didn’t feel like getting caught up in the frenzy. I like to keep it simple.  As for intentions, plans and focus I didn’t have one until Monday.

As I reflected on the last year for patterns and themes this is what came to me:

What I learned from living present moment 365 days in 2017

  1. “I don’t know” sometimes works out just fine

This past year for me has been one of flying by the seat of my creative pants and trying to not to attach to the outcome. About 5 years ago I made the decision that I was going to try my best – my personal 90/10 rule – to follow all intuitive hits. This past year I applied it more consciously to try new things and being more creative with work. And although there was resistance and fear at first I quickly got into it. I notice my intuition comes through quickly and clear about an idea. I am more relaxed with outcomes as well. Not so attached to them. Not perfect as in 100 percent but perfect for me. Allowing myself to say, “I don’t know how it will work out but I trust it will be for the best it is to be.”  It was liberating.

  1. “I got off the horse but ready to get back on it”

It was a year of trying to figure out a new physical activity routine for myself. After my car accident in May of 2016 I have found the right side of my body not responding to healing as fast as I had hoped. So it became challenging to continue with a routine I was engaged with for over a decade. Oddly enough – much of the same as number 1 – let go of the outcome and stop trying so hard! I am climbing back on the horse and going back to the beginning – what emotional block do I have that is preventing me to visit the car accident from a different perspective.  What is the gift? For now I am 3 days in to being back at yoga and it feels like heaven.

  1. “That 90 second rule thing really works!”

I have used this rule for many years but 2017 was the year I tried using it with some of the most challenging things that poke the bear – the bear being me. To be more specific, I was very diligent using the rule with an individual that seems to always -and yes I am using the word always – trigger me. Guess what? It worked about 85% of the time. Sometimes it may have been a little longer but no more than a couple of minutes. I wasn’t going to give in to being overtaken by a feeling that didn’t feel good. I mantra’d my way through and breathed deeply a lot and gave the feeling that didn’t feel so great, 90 seconds and that was it!

My pattern for 2017? I tried some things that were challenging for me this year that stretched me in many ways, I kept breathing and I stayed the course! They were not the easy things or the things that I wanted to give up on but they were the tools that I wanted to hone my skills at mastering. Each year I ask my clients to commit to a feeling – and then connect it to a theme for the year. Last year mine was – feeling free. Not being bound by an external energetic force that is an illusion my ego created.

I believe we need to take time to reflect on the last year in a way that allows us to celebrate the challenges as well as the wins because in the end it gives us insight as to how we don’t want to feel in order for us to allow for how we want to feel. Some times the beauty is in the paradox itself.

With that being said 2017 was filled with challenges of different magnitudes for many people and the greatest gift we can give to humanity is to balance within our own journey that which needs attention. When we do that our hearts open to being filled with grace that allows us to help hold other people’s suffering in holy space.

So right now in this moment give pause to celebrate the beautiful bright light you are and the tapestry of your life, frayed edges and all! You made it!

Wth love,



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