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Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 1.14.48 PMFor the past couple of weeks, I have been preparing for the arrival of my family for Christmas. And as I create my lists and check them twice, I notice that I have a tendency to fill up empty ‘time slots’ with things to do with them. It’s strange, I am thinking, how the meaning of ‘being together’ has changed through the years for me.

Gone it seems that we cannot be with one another to BE but it’s running off to do something together. I realize that when I have limited time with them, I want to share my favorite spots with them whether it’s a restaurant, or a cute spot to enjoy a holiday drink, or a children’s play, or a drive to look at lights. And I am the culprit of this, I see. So as I look at the decorated tree and write while the snow is softly falling to the ground I have decided to cancel the field trips. Because the very thing that I love the most I will miss the most when it’s too late when they have gone back to their homes and therefore I need to align with what I teach.

  • Slow Down

Play games; make a meal together; make cookies; get coloring books and color together – children of all ages will enjoy this; look at old photographs and let people take pictures and create their own photo albums; tell stories.

  • Open House

If people are visiting from out of town and they have a hectic schedule trying to visit friends and relatives, offer to host an open house so they can see everyone at one location. It doesn’t have to be a fuss – keep it simple.  Let everyone bring a dessert to share!

  • BE the Present

If you are going to be together, be PRESENT. Turn off all phones and leave them in another room or in a basket for a period of time. Enjoy the conversation and each other.

I am reminded of my Instagram post last week. (If you have not seen it, find it here.) It really is about keeping things simple and easy and filled with the intention of love – that’s what helps us to stay centered and connected when we are together. So I’ve changed some things up and have decided to stay planted for the couple days I will have my family here together. And I’ve placed my order on Amazon for some games, crayons, and coloring books!

Happy holidays to all!

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