Who Or What Is Driving Your Car?

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Blog Pic-CharlieThis time of year we start to think about slinking back into our jeans; Fall is fast approaching. This is when it is evident that one or two things have occurred; either we have overdone the summer binging, or we have stayed on track with healthy choices and physical activity. Adjust accordingly if those jeans are a bit snug, and whatever the case may be – DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

What I suggest to my clients when they need to adjust or tweak some things with their eating and physical activity is to be kind to yourself.  When they say, “I cannot get myself to drink enough water, or to stop binging on the sweet or salty snack, or eat enough vegetables”, my response is, “Do not feel as though you have to tackle it all at once.  Do what feels like you can be successful at and then build from there”.

Conscious eating requires you to understand why you make the choices you do about your diet or physical activity and also, what sabotages you.  What are the triggers that make you eat half a bag of chips at night and then go to bed?  Also, as you are noticing that, notice where the animation is occurring in your body to even pick the bag of chips up in the first place.  What is going on around you that is making you override the better choice?  Just notice.

Notice who or what is driving your car!

Peace And May the Blessings Be!



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