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Wells-feature-showI was recently asked to be a guest on the leading internet talk radio network, Voice America’s EmPOWERment channel.  Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life is a weekly show hosted by author and life coach, Deborah Jane Wells.  Immediately I thought it would be a valuable opportunity and gleefully accepted.  Seconds after I had accepted, I started to let the self-doubt Gremlin in.  This particular Gremlin of mine is very boisterous and loud, somewhat of a chatterbox.

It has always been peculiar to me that our spirits can be swayed into fear so easily, (fear, by the way, is a low vibrational feeling), but it takes enormous effort to embody confidence (confidence is a high vibrational feeling) and make decisions that support feeling aligned.

This year for me has been a year of jumping in with both feet.  “Going for it”, if you will.  Not letting the Gremlin take over my courage meter or run rampant with my fear to immobilize me.  I have trusted in myself more than I ever have, and although not knowing the exact end result of my journey, I am making aligned decisions with both feet in.

As I was being interviewed on the show on June 19th, I recounted many decisions I have made thus far in my crazy life.  It was a surreal kind of experience telling parts of my own story.  As ego, (the Gremlin) started to monitor what I was saying, my Spirit took over and got the task done in a manner that was authentic and confident.  Confident because I stand behind every decision I have ever made – the good – the bad – the ugly.  There is no room for judgment.  We are responsible for, and take responsibility for the direction of our lives.  How we respond to, and perceive, those decisions is what defines us.

We forge on, we persevere.  Even if we would not define ourselves as courageous – the tapestry of our life may show otherwise.

I invite you to listen to the recording of the radio show that aired on June 19th.  The show always starts with the guest sharing a Victim to Victory story.  Deborah Jane Wells is a brilliant host who has the ability to hold sacred space for people to get real.  I feel blessed and grateful to have had this opportunity.



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