The Mastery of Grace

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photoThe Dalai Lama: What comes to mind when you think of him? I think of his smile, his warmth, his compassion, and his love of life in spite of all that he has experienced and witnessed. I have read a lot of his books and have had the privilege of seeing him in person many times. The Dalai Lama, to me, is the embodiment of grace.

I have been a fan and follower of the Dalai for more than 25 years. One of the greatest gifts life has to offer is having a teacher that aligns with who you aspire to be. I have always been mystified by one’s ability to embody grace even in the midst of great adversity. My longing is to be amongst those beautiful teachers at some point in my life, preferably sooner than later. They are masters.

This month marks the first anniversary of writing this blog. When I first was told that it would be a good idea for me to reach out to people in this way, I was terrified. I really did not feel I could write anything worthy of interest to anyone. Oddly enough, from the very first time I put pen to paper to reach out to you, I was in love. Although the Internet does an injustice to relationships, having them be one sided a lot of times and not being able to see or meet the people who read what I write, it does provide an opportunity to fall in love in a whole different way. As I always say, energy is energy, and regardless of being able to see you or meet you, I feel incredible gratitude for the opportunity to share this space with you each month. My blog has allowed me to practice my craft, to move towards mastery. It holds me accountable for what I teach.

I wanted so badly to be able to say I was successful at blogging once a month for the first year, but I failed. In my attempt to embody grace around what I perceive as my failure, I have realized how hard I can be on myself and how I don’t allow room for myself to step outside of professional perfection. My inability to be forgiving of myself when I don’t follow through on things is truly a character flaw. That is NOT the character of a master. What is the character of a master is accepting my imperfections and standing proud in the fact that I continue to follow through to the best of my ability, in the moment. In my failure, I have found new awareness’s and truths about myself. It is in that space of not following through on my initial intention that I’ve discovered the reason why I failed. It is in the acceptance and forgiveness of failure that we discover why we failed in the first place. It is in failure, that creation is born. And that is grace.

While I was not blogging in January, I was following through with making life-changing choices that align with my own truth – life altering. It gave me an enormous opportunity to practice what I aspire to become a master of: embodying grace in the midst of great adversity. We will never become masters by reading books and listening to teachers. We must seize opportunities to make choices to continually align with what our heart’s and soul’s desire is.


In gratitude and with love,


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