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My voice sounds like a man, my body aches and I struggle with making a call to the MD.  At first glance it’s easy to say I have a cold or bronchitis, but I know better.  I don’t get sick.

I am in the middle of a transformative process and although I am a Master at guiding people through times like this, I obviously am requiring some down time to evaluate and be still with my “stuff”.

I have done my homework.  I have clearly defined:

  1. What I am ready to let go of
  2. Where I am going (I have activated all 6 senses on this one)
  3. I commit to, several times daily, ritual and prayer and meditation to help navigate.   FOCUS – DEDICATION – INTENTION

I am also reaching out to my counsel – my fellow light workers, my circle of trust –which is comprised of two circles.  My “sky” posse and my “ground” posse, I affectionately call them.  My sky posse is my Divine Father, Archangels, Angels, Deities, Guides, and whoever else wants to show up for the party.  My ground posse is like I mentioned, a small group of trusted light workers – my Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Therapist, Archetypal Consultant, Astrologist, Numerologist, and a few Teachers.  These are the two groups that are with me night and day, always holding space and readily available.  They are my go to, my 911, and my lifelines.  They get who I am from the core of my being, and can read the energy in the airwaves like nobody’s business.

I now invite you to the 4th and 5th step:


  • Gather your posse, earth and sky.  Start examining at the micro level who it is you need to reign in to help support you.  Remember they need to vibrate at your level or higher at this point.
  • Listen to your intuition, and your body.  If you are sick or feeling physically out of balance, take it to the chakra (, and then sit with it, stay with it, calm it and claim it.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe

This IS the Hero’s journey cherubs.  We will all have an experience like this in our lifetime, at some point.  It is our soul’s journey.  Did I mention transformation is not for the faint of heart nor neat and tidy?  It is like pregnancy and birth – a seed gets planted, it grows until it is time to be birthed, labor starts, pushing begins and then in order to finally give birth – we need to breathe and let go and trust and Voila!  2013 appears!

Please grant me the Grace to feel your loving presence in my heart today. 

Please guide me to face and surrender my fears and allow me to trust the unknown.


Be well and In Peace,


ALERT:  Watch for yet another post next week, to help with this transformative time…

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  1. Tera says:

    Kendra! Nail hit on head! 😉 thanks for your insights this season. Helpful to me in my own work. Best, Light,

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