Peaceful Acceptance

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I recently spent a week with family and thought it would be an experience that afforded me some time and clarity to write.  Oh, how the Divine had other things in mind!

What I found myself doing was sabotaging myself on many levels:  not eating mindfully, not writing, not meditating – all things that help keep me connected, in balance, and help me to feel energized and healthy.

For various reasons there was a lot of grief present this week for everyone – a sudden death in the family, illness, and the start of my daughter’s senior year of high school.  There was, at the same time, a tremendous amount of joy having the opportunity to be together.  I experienced bookends of emotion.

Joy is easily expressed, and grief is easily repressed.  This is what I know to be true.  I could write volumes on this topic.  I am easily intrigued by the human spirit and the choices we make, or don’t make, to process both joy and grief.

The funny thing about emotion is that when it goes unexpressed we implode.  Our cells hold on to that energy, and we carry what we think is unexplained extra weight.  We may feel heavy.  We may feel tension in our bodies.  It may be hard to breathe, and we find ourselves taking a lot of deep breaths.  We may even feel a bit edgy or anxious, and a lot of us will consume things that inevitably do not nurture our bodies.

When we hold on to grief and do not allow ourselves to peacefully accept what is, we delay the process of our healing.  When I become aware that the emotional chaos around and within me is interfering with what I call my Zen-like state of mind and spirit, I know I better get grounded.  If I don’t, I will start a downward spiral of self-sabotaging actions, or inaction, just like I began to do this week with my extended family.

To stop my downward spiral, each day I made sure that I would spend ample time outside.  I walked or ran most mornings.  Then I made time each afternoon to sit outside on the deck, surrounded by trees and the birds singing.   The joy and gratitude that nature brought to me was affirmation that all will be well.

Here are some suggestions to become present and grounded:

  • Say a prayer of gratitude.
  • Get out in nature: go for a walk or a run, just sit and be still, or do outdoor yoga.
  • Do breathing exercises to help open your heart chakra.
  • Do some sort of creative expression, like painting, writing, or dancing.
  • Play with a child to help let go of the seriousness of the moment.
  • Talk with someone who will allow you to express yourself openly and honestly.


We as human beings need to move through our emotions.  It’s a process that when avoided will have physical and emotional consequences.  Allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable brings us closer together, peacefully accepting what is.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

-Reinhold Niebuhr




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2 Responses to “Peaceful Acceptance”

  1. Helena says:

    Mom, once again, great post, love you!

  2. Cam says:

    Great post! All so true! We’re all so busy, we don’t take or make the time
    to do what’s most important for ourselves.

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